Silicone Ultra Wristband 7" - Translucent / Teal

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Silicone Ultra Wristbands each have one (1) programmed EFX holograms embedded with frequency technology designed to work with your body. Silicone Ultra Wristbands are made of the highest quality non-toxic, 100% medical grade silicone.

With the sporty look of a Silicone Sport Wristband and the subtle, sleekness of a Silicone Oval Wristband, the EFX Silicone Ultra Wristband is a perfect hybrid of our two most popular wristband styles!

You can choose size options: M (7 inch).

With a large variety of colors and iconic designs these Certified Authentic Ultra Wristbands are a best-selling product and can be seen on professional athletes in every major sport!