Deron Williams - Basketball

"The bands and technology are innovative, they work for me and I feel great."

Dave Stockton, Jr. - Golf

"One of the most important things in golf is balance, and I feel the EFX wristband definitely helps with your balance, I'm going to use a product that is going to help me become a better player and I feel that with EFX. I wouldn't be wearing it if I didn't believe it." 

Bobby Ryan - Hockey

"EFX for me brought it to a whole other level, and I haven't taken it off since."

Adrian Gonzalez - Baseball

"I keep it on 24 hours a day. You are going to see results and get better performance out of it."

Marcus Thornton - Basketball

"I feel like it's a part of me. It loosens up my wrists out there on the court."

Grant Fuhr - Hockey

"After all the things I've seen, I am very impressed by it. It has given me a lot of better benefits than the other products on the market."

Mike Fagan - 2x PBA Tour National Champion

"I felt so much more solid at the line, my balance and timing were falling into place. I was able to repeat shots a lot easier."

Wes Malott - 6x PBA Tour Champion

"It helps with your balance and keeps everything in the body stabilized. You can't go wrong with that."

Nick Novak #9 - San Diego Chargers Kicker

"I love the look of the EFX sportsbands. I like the way they feel before, during and after a game. My body feels great when I wear it and I can see the difference in the distance of the ball when I kick." 

Zachary Lutz - Baseball

"I wear my EFX bracelet everyday and I have noticed an improvement in my balance and my focus. The products are great and I recommend to anyone who wants to improve their game or everyday activities."

Dirk Bockel

"I wear my EFX performance Technology sports wristband every day, and I have seen significant, noticeable improvements in my every day balance and focus.

Eric The Trainer

"Having extra strength, balance, and flexibility is a dream scenario both inside the gym and out. EFX performance products can help you feel all three, instantly. By utilizing EFX products you'll be at your best when that big break comes."

Jason Eslinger - Golf

"EFX give me that competitive edge I need and every time I put it on it works."

Ryann O'Toole - Golf

"EFX helps keep my body at its peak of performance."

Liz Johnson - 11x Women's PBA Champion

"My endurance improved and it also helped keep my focus at the line. You never know until you try it."

Geoff Blum - Baseball

"I'm using this product to keep me in the game. I think our ability to wear the product and see it working while playing will turn some heads."

Rick Sessinghaus - Golf

"Through the basic testing you can see the results instantly, and with golf everything is about balance strength and flexibility. This is a simple thing I can put on and increase my performance. I'd be stupid not to."

Ryan O'Toole - Golf

"EFX helps keep my body at its peak of performance."

Marc-Etienne Bussieres  - Golf, Orlando, FL

I've been wearing the EFX wristband for the past 2 years and I can tell that it has benefited my golf performance. It has helped me maintain a balancedposture while swinging my golf clubs. It has also helped me in reading putts more accurately on the greens given that my center of gravity is more acute.

Mike Fox - Dallas, Texas

"I have permanent nerve damage in my back. I started wearing the leather and steel power band over a year now. I noticed less pain and more energy than I had for years. I took off the band for two days and noticed how I felt bad again. Put the band back on and have not taken it off since. I am a true believer." - Mike Fox. Dallas, Texas

Jack G. - High School Softball Coach

"There is no doubt in my mind that EFX will be the next big thing among athletes. Nothing on the market helps you perform better the way EFX does. It's the best product I've found."

Court Mcgee - MMA Fighter

"A lot of people are drawn to it. Balance, strength, and flexibility are key essentials that you need in training camp, and EFX provides that for me."

Kelly Kulick - PBA Lady Bowler on Men's PBA Tour

"I use it during my workouts, and I'm less fatigued afterwards, and with my bowling it's helping to maintain my balance and strength throughout a long block."

Lacey R. Morris - Physical Therapist

"I recently purchased your product at the Expo for the Disney World Marathon. I am a physical therapist and tried desperately to resolve my pain in order to run the Goofy's Challenge. I could not even run to the stop sign that is a couple hundred feet from my driveway because my knee would lock up. With EFX, I ran the half marathon with NO PAIN and the full marathon with minimal discomfort."

Morten Christensen - Professional Bicyclist in Denmark

"I had strange aches in my leg on a Thursday. It felt somewhat like a fiber cracking. So I went home and taped holograms on the sore point with duct tape. I did this for two days and on Saturday morning the soreness went away and I could do 2 x 140km races."

Shannon O'Keefe - Professional Bowler

"My endurance has increased for long formatted bowling tournaments and I have definitely noticed a difference in my strength, balance and recovery time after a strenuous workout. Thanks EFX!"

Sonya Looney - Professional Mountain Biker

"As an endurance mountain bike racer, I spend a lot of time riding technical singletrack and the most significant feature of the EFX bracelet has been a huge improvement in my balance on the bike. If you're navigating a rocky section of trail, momentum is your friend with the gyroscopic effect keeping you upright on your bike. I noticed with the EFX bracelet, I am able to stay upright if I choose to ride slower. I also broke my record on a home climb by 10 minutes after slipping on my EFX. Thanks EFX!"

Yuri Soledade - Professional Surfer and Waterman

"The first time I experienced the product I knew I was using something very special, not only did it help me tremendously surfing, but it gave me the confidence to push my limits even further on small and big waves."

Mike Peters - Racquetball

"Every athlete is looking for an edge, and I think that is why so many people are wearing EFX. You have to try it for yourself to see what happens."

Jolan C. - Secretary, San Diego, CA

"Feedback on the wristband - Wow!! I have had migraines all my life. I have to report this thing WORKS!!!! I just take for granted that I will have at least a bit of a headache by the end of every day. In a month I have had one small headache. I am speechless."

Fabrizio Santos - Skateboarding

"It's pretty much amazing! EFX is the only one that is actually working and making my body stronger."

Connor Baxter - Stand Up Paddle

"What it does for me and what it can do for everybody is just amazing, I don't think I will ever take it off."

Byron Kurt - Stand Up Paddle

"It goes beyond the competitive level, it can be used in your everyday life, and I'm seeing a huge difference in my efforts using EFX."

Rob Rojas - Stand Up Paddle

"EFX has helped me with my training and quality of life to get the most out of each day and my competitions."

Jamie Sterling - Surfing

"Wearing the technology promotes a positive and helpful effect while surfing and in my daily life. It helps me stay centered while surfing and training

Patrick Meek - Top Ranked America Speed Skater

"As an elite level speed skater, I am always looking for any edge I can find on my competition. However once I started using EFX products, all of my questions were answered. This product works! Since I began using EFX, I have seen a significant improvement in my balance, flexibility and overall well-being on and off the ice. I will continue to use this product as long as I skate!"

Alfredo Martinez - Treasurer LA Heat-LA Firefighters Football Team

"We played a 5 game season. In the first three games we lost over ten guys to injuries, whether it be practice or games. We received the bands for games 4 and 5 and had only one injury in those last two games. Our guys love the bands and won't take them off."

Julie Dibens - Triathlon

"At the top level in sports we have to look for every little advantage that we can get over our competition, as every second counts. I use EFX Performance products during training and racing and believe in the results. The only thing I ask is that you forbid any of my competitors from using EFX products."

Chris Mcdonald - Triathlon

"I have been using the EFX wristband and dots just a short 5 weeks and have noticed great improvement in my recovery and it helping with niggling aches and pains. I would recommend the use of EFX holography to every athlete." 

Justin McCully - UFC Veteran

"After my last fight with Mike Russo I took some damage. I've been trying everything to feel better and get up out of bed a little easier and nothing has helped me until I put this bracelet on."

Ty - Yoga Student San Diego, CA

"I have heightened clarity, improved focus, and calmness. I don't want to be without EFX ever! That's how much it has helped to balance my chakras! It works; please try it! You'll be glad you did!"

Melody R.

"The first morning I wore it - I had been suffering with a migraine... not more than fifteen minutes after wearing the pendant my migraine was gone! The pain left so quickly that I had forgotten I had a migraine until my friend stopped over with pain killers."

Steve Cowan

"You can add my name as a very satisfied user. My son let me wear his EFX wristband for my knee stiffness and I cannot believe how much it has helped and continues to do so. He cannot have it back now."

Van Johnstone

"I hadn't surfed in 5 months due to an illness. I surfed Calafia Beach yesterday with my wristband on and the feeling was incredible. I have never surfed any better, and it was big and punchy, I will be ordering them for my team and family."

Jimmy Lloyd

"To say the least my balance is not what it should be at my age and I constantly suffer from a vertigo-like state. I really feel a positive difference when I wear EFX. I haven't taken the necklace off since last Saturday and feel like there is a new hope for the dizziness and discomfort I feel on a daily basis."

Stelios Plastiras - Athens, Greece

"It has been 12 days now and pains in my shoulders have almost eliminated. I can wake up easier in the morning and I feel something that makes me not get tired so easy. The last 12 days I have faced NO HEADACHES!!!!"

Allen Knapp

"I purchased 2 of the sport wristbands at the home improvement show in Cleveland Ohio in late Jan and the results are great for both my wife and I. I have a problem with my balance due to an inner ear disease, but I now have improved balance and can stand on one foot again. I bowl and my bowling game has improved."

Doria Gennaro - Canary Islands

"Since I started wearing the bracelet, these are the effects: First and most importantly, the quality of my sleep improved. I also experienced a deep sensation of inside harmony that helps me to face up to my work and life. I felt I had to send you my testimonial. I know I am a drop in the ocean, but I needed to say thank you."

Mike Fosselman - Claremont, CA

"I was in Oceanside back in March for my first Ironman. I came well prepared but I wasn't feeling all that great. I had a bad sinus infection and my balance was totally off. I decided to wear it during the race, and I finished in the top 2% in my age group and 7% overall. I don't know how it works and frankly I don't care. I am a true believer in your product!"

Andreana Schudy - Sacramento, CA

"I just started using EFX at the end of June. I have suffered from FMS and CFS for 15 years now. Two bulging discs had crippled me in my lower back, and now I have been able to get out of my bed in the morning without the use of my cane, and my flexibility has returned in a major way. It has allowed me to have the ability to be active again."

Todd Humphrey - Battle Ground,WA

"I was not fully informed about the holographic technology, but felt more alert, clear and a sense of well being immediately upon wearing the EFX wristband. My sleep has improved dramatically. I plan on outfitting the entire family and spreading the word about your extraordinary product."

Brenda Bronson - Ohio

"I just wanted to say that your band has changed my daughter's life! Our daughter has neurocardiogenic syncope and her health had been going downhill for some time. Since the day she put an EFX wristband on, her life has changed! For the better! She has not had any dizziness, nausea, tiredness, or palpitations. She said she has not felt this good in YEARS!"

Patricia Quinn - California

"These dots have saved my chronically painful low back and reduced my pain by 50% - very impressive; I've been able to cut my narcotic pain relievers in half."

Aaron Ryczek

"I dealt with back pain for years until I tried out your product. I'm 28 with a messed up back from playing hockey.I refused surgery and thank god I did, but I need a new bracelet. What can I do to replace it?"