Introducing EFX Performance Jewelry

Many people are becoming more familiar with holographic technology and how it can benefit their lives. EFX would like to announce that they have released this exciting new jewelry line to reach beyond the sports arena.  Each style of the new EFX Jewelry line is embedded with the EFX patented hologram technology. Designed by KD Luxe, exclusively for EFX, each piece combines style and technology that can be worn in the most exclusive of venues.

Here are the four designs for the new EFX jewelry line:

Woven Leather Men's Bracelet - Features a woven leather band, connected to a steel sliding clasp. This bracelet includes 2 EFX holograms.

Woven Leather Charm Women's Bracelet - Woven leather band, connected to a stainless steel EFX Charm featuring 2 EFX holograms on each side. A magnetic clasp secures the bracelet around your wrist.

Stainless Steel Link Men's Bracelet - Beautifully simple stainless steel link bracelet. Heavy duty design fits comfortably around wrists of all sizes. The front features the classic debossed EFX logo with an extraordinary jewel-like hologram.

Stainless Steel Charm Women's Bracelet - Feminine weight stainless steel charm bracelet. Features a classic look with 2 embedded holograms featured in the dangling charm.